Showing at the NO:ID gallery
31 Commercial Road, London E1 1LG
26-28 June 2009

After moving from Shoreditch the NO:ID gallery has opened again at a brand new location a stone's throw from the Whitechapel gallery.

NO:ID is a new space to present comtemporary art and art-practices which both fall within and without the boundaries of accepted gallery/curatorial disciplines.

NO:ID served as both an actual and virtual shop-window for artists and thinkers who in whatever media seek to question the limited assumptions of artistic platforms.

NO:ID is a creative hub for practitioners from as varied and fragmentary a spectrum of the arts - both visual and time-based as we can give a collective umbrella to in one forum.

See/downlodad the invitation here.
See/download the press release here.


10 December 2009
Square-up the year

A floor-to-ceiling exhibition of works 15x15cm to end the year in style.

25 September 2009
Sophie Monks Kaufman reviews Salon (London)

People in glass houses' is best in show according to Sophie Monks Kaufman.

02 September 2009

Alexandra's work has been selected for a place on the artselector sculpture collection.

31 August 2009

Alexandra sends out her first newsletter.
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31 August 2009
Salons are back

Salons seem to be in fashion again. Alexandra Valy will be showing at Salon (London) on Regent Street.

25 June 2009
Alex has NO:ID

Alexandra Valy will be showing at the NO:ID gallery.

22 June 2009
Alex answers some questions

Alexandra Valy does a Q&A on the FAD website.

22 March 2009
Art Selector review

Another good review for 'you only have to believe'.

21 March 2009
FAD review

Robert White reviews Affluenza and likes ' the white elephant' ('you only have to believe').

19 March 2009
Infected by Affluenza

Alex will be showing 'you only have to believe' and 'people in glass houses' at the Affluenza exhibition.

2 March 2009
Curator's choice
Alex has been selected as this week's Curators' Choice on Axis by the Curatorial Team.