Panopticon: surveillance explored
198 gallery
198 Railton Road, London SE24 0JT
22 April-21 May 2010
11am-5pm Monday-Friday

An exhibition of artworks investigating the duality of surveillance: watching and being watched

Panopticon: Surveillance Explored questions living in a world where we are monitored from birth until death, where we are watched for our protection whilst simultaneously under suspicion, where we consume the images and events of other people’s lives and where we expose our own lives for the scrutiny and voyeurism of others.

Alexandra Valy is showing "I see v.2"
‘I see’ is a comment on the inherent uncertainty of life. We go through our daily lives being recorded; data about us is being compiled and analysed, used and fed back to us in a different form, but information is no oracle and the knowledge of what we will become is always out of grasp. And as we manoeuvre through the sea of information that is thrust upon us we find ourselves still grappling with (or avoiding) fundamental human questions.

I see v.2 was made possible thanks to the 198 gallery and the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design BA in Communication, Curating and Criticism.


28 June 2010
Byam Shaw final show

Alexandra graduates from the Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art.

6 May 2010

18 artists in a pop up shop exhibition near Brick Lane.

22 April 2010
Art and surveillance

The 198 gallery funds an extended version of I see for a show curated by St Martins students.

5 March 2010

Alexandra Valy co-curates an exhibition at the Kingsgate gallery.