Pop up shop
14 Cheshire Street, London E2 6EH
7-13 May 2010

OPEN is a week long ASSEMBLY project combining a fine art exhibition and program of events, curated by Nicholas E. Lawrence and Luke C. Kemp

OPEN brings together exciting new work from 18 emerging artists from around the world.
OPEN is not just an exhibition, it is an artwork in itself; an investigation into new possibilities for mediating the relationship between an artwork and its audience.
OPEN functions as an exhibition space, stage, discussion forum and social hub.
OPEN embraces both the commercial history of the space at14 Cheshire Street and the access to the wide and varied audience which the location allows.
OPEN presents visual and performative artwork that is at the cutting edge of current fine art practice.

Alexandra Valy is showing "Safe as houses II"
Working with light, shadows, projections and a recurrent window/door motif, Alexandra Valy has been creating atmospheric installations reminiscent of black and white German expressionist films and the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. She scratches the emulsion off used 35mm film, exposing the transparent film which she then projects, creating ‘light line drawings’ with visible scratch marks. Through this process she is playing with meditative and evocative effects, attempting to create a state of mind – or a ‘mind space’.


Link to Facecook event here.



28 June 2010
Byam Shaw final show

Alexandra graduates from the Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art.

6 May 2010

18 artists in a pop up shop exhibition near Brick Lane.

22 April 2010
Art and surveillance

The 198 gallery funds an extended version of I see for a show curated by St Martins students.

5 March 2010

Alexandra Valy co-curates an exhibition at the Kingsgate gallery.